Friday, June 24, 2011

Fireworks over the Arno

We had a magical little night in Florence. Today is The Feast of San Giovanni (St. John the Baptist) who is the patron saint of Florence. There were lots of festivities happening in around town and the day concluded with fireworks over the Arno River. We had dinner at a nice restaurant overlooking the river and could see the fireworks from our table. The show was an hour long so we got our food, ate, and paid before the show was even over! Taylor and I got cotton candy from a cute old couple while we watched the colors of Italy light up the sky. There were street musicians and plenty of joy to go around all evening! It was a wonderful last friday in Italy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Day in The Life

I wanted to share what a normal day looks like for us in the great Firenze, Italia! I'll share a photo (or two) an hour- the photos weren't necessarily taken AT that time but sometime in that hour. 



I thought it was neat that they also put color appropriate bows on the door after they had a baby! Maybe those are Americans? 



11:00am Medici Chapel



2:00pm Naptime

3:00pm I've been keeping 3 different journals while I'm here.





My sister and I exchanged emails for a while, it was like we were having a conversation!

8:00pm Yes, we were STILL drawing. . .

Momma finally got skype!!!!!!!


Overall, it was a great day! We also went to the Academia and saw Michaelangelo's David. It was HUGE! We spent all afternoon/ evening drawing for our final project that's due in class this morning. I was really excited to unexpectedly get to skype Momma AND Brandal. Best day ever! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cooking Class: Ravioli

We had an optional 3rd cooking class tonight that 5 of us decided to take. It was AWESOME! We made homemade ravioli and made different colored dough then made patterns on the noodles. It was oodles of fun and extra pretty! I decided to be a little more brilliant and just take a photo of our recipes rather than type it all out. Genius, I know. 

To make the different colored dough we used colored foods or spices. In the end you couldn't even taste the food/spice, it was just pretty! 

Professor McCrillis's daughter, Margot, just got in town yesterday so she joined us for the class. So fun! 

Noodle making! 

Our chef, Mrs. Vitoria (not Victoria) is super sweet. 

I definitely want to try to make this again!